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My name is Melanie and I am a Holistic Nutritionist, my passion is helping you to get healthy through eating. I will provide you with a personalized diet plan that will meet your needs, goals and desires in a new level. I will work with you personally getting a more in depth look through a detailed Lifestyle assessment and Nutritional Profile. These assessments will allow me to create a feeling of wellness stemming from within you.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Travel and Nutrition

I have done an extensive amount of travelling in my years and nutrition was always the hardest when you are being served hostel food and trying your best to stay on a budget, eating anything as long as its free. The thing that I found most frustrating was the amount of bread and cheese and the lack of fruits and vegetables. What I have learned is its best to take a multi-vitamin with you on your travels, one that has your omega 3, 6, 9's in it as your essential fats will be non-existant during your travels. Try to order a salad at every opportunity and treat yourself to a least one if not two pieces of fruit everyday. Depending on where it is you are travelling be prepared to wash your fruit and vegetables 10 times more than normal.. hand sanitizer in between washes is your best and cleanest bet. If you are on a tight budget like I was and your making you free breakfast into a free lunch, treat yourself to a inexpensive vegetable filled dinner. 

For Women - Iron is very important during your travels, if you are taking a multi with you make sure that it has a large amount of Iron in it.

For Men - Zinc is most important, make sure you either take a multi with you or include zinc tablets into your travel budget.

For Children - The most important thing for kids is their essential fatty acids, find a children's multi that includes their daily needs of EFA's 

Just some food for thought

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