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My name is Melanie and I am a Holistic Nutritionist, my passion is helping you to get healthy through eating. I will provide you with a personalized diet plan that will meet your needs, goals and desires in a new level. I will work with you personally getting a more in depth look through a detailed Lifestyle assessment and Nutritional Profile. These assessments will allow me to create a feeling of wellness stemming from within you.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Positive thinking

Sometimes we feel its hopeless, eating right, exercising, loosing that weight. Sometimes we say and think its not worth it, we can't succeed because we haven't before, we will fall off the wagon time and time again. What makes this time different then last time?

I feel that we physic ourselves up for monday... "I'll start monday" and it never happens... and then ten monday have gone by and you are still not at the gym and still reaching for that chocolate bar at 3:00.

Try to be positive about the changes you are going to make, and set realistic results, and know that it is not going to happen over night! Be patient with yourself and know that you will fall off the band wagon, but having the strength power and motivation to get right back on the wagon again, instead of throwing your hands up in the air and saying "its too hard, I give up!" Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed and help you to get back on track, support you. Find a gym buddy or a partner to train with, Personal Trainers are often willing to partner train... I know a few if you need any good ones!

The most important thing is to have positive support around you, but also within you. Don't beat yourself up for not going to the gym one day, don't eat something and then regret it. Regret in the body will manifest itself and the food won't be digested properly, instead it will be turned into fat and stored. So if you are going to eat something unhealthy choose to eat it... don't sit there thinking about how bad it is for you and how bad it is that you are eating it, and how you regret eating it.. ect.

A positive outlook will do wonders for the body, mind and spirit! Nourish yourself.

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  1. I didnt just regret the donut I just ate!!!! Thanks for the advice!